Quant Multi-Strat Hedge Fund

Point Hope manages Systematic Alpha, a quantitative multi-strategy hedge fund. The fund targets high risk-adjusted returns and aims to deliver uncorrelated, consistent returns with monthly liquidity for investors.

Systematic Alpha is a constructed portfolio of opportunistic, systematic strategies that are designed to maximise on inefficiencies in market structure and dynamics, each gained through academic research and our experience in the market. The strategies capture micro opportunities that fall under the radar of most other investors.

This is a capacity-constrained fund and expects to generate consistent returns in a low volatility profile. 

point hope hedge fund

Investment Philosophy

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  1. Inevitable Future

    Despite its drawbacks and prior failures, quant technology is on the rise as it attracts an excess of strong talent. It is inevitable that A.I. and M.L. will disrupt financial markets 

  2. Reality Check

    The large majority of investors, ourselves included, cannot repeatedly identify assets that will outperform the market sustainably over long periods of time. We believe the best strategy therefore is a multi-strategy approach that corners niche opportunities systematically

  3. Genuine Non-correlation

    Performance correlation between assets is non-stationary and changes over time. Investors chase genuine non-correlation to reduce portfolio risk

  4. Market Niche

    We can run Asia-based quantitative strategies to greater success because there is less capital chasing the same inefficiencies as we are

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