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Point Hope specializes in providing boutique financial services for accredited investors. Our team based across Asia have been servicing family office and institutional clients for over 100 years combined. Our focus is on research-intensive value creation and generating consistent, industry-leading returns across all of our businesses.


Our multi-disciplinary and multinational group is complemented by a unique blend of diverse skills, expertise and professional relationships from the deep local and regional networks of our Partners and Strategic Advisory Board. Point Hope Group's regional infrastructure represents eight different countries in the Region and speaks six different Asian languages, and is supported by professionals in charge of finance, accounting, legal, compliance and administrative matters who are based out of Singapore.

Our Business Lines

Quant Multi-Strategy Hedge Fund

Point Hope's Annexe Fund VCC targets 10% volatility, and uncorrelated returns. All strategies developed in-house 

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Family Office Investments

Creating bespoke solutions to suit the unique needs of global family offices

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Private Equity Investments

Originate, execute or advise on complex private equity deals in Southeast Asia 

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Family Office Set Up

We help to create structures and investment opportunities for family offices in Singapore

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We leverage our expertise, multilingual and regional network to create value for corporates and financial institutions 

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Quant Industry News Summary (28.04.2021)

April 30, 2021

Key market indices S&P 500: 4,186.72 (-0.021%) DJIA: 33,984.93 (+0.009%) HSI: 28,988.60 (+0.16%) STI: 3,212.50 (-0.06%) Gold Spot $/Oz: $ 1,779.00 (-7.00) Brent Crude: 66.41 (-0.02%) Bitcoin: 55,001.55 (+2.04%) Hedge Fund Collapse in Sweden Puts Spotlight Back on Quants (link) As one of Sweden’s oldest hedge funds shuts its doors, its chief acknowledges the firm’s…

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Quant Industry News Summary (21.04.2021)

April 21, 2021

Key market indices S&P 500: 4,134.94 (-0.68%) DJIA: 33,821.30 (-0.75%) HSI: 28,618.55 (-1.78%) STI: 3,151.85 (-1.26%) Gold Spot $/Oz: $ 1,779.00 (+13.00) Brent Crude: 66.10 (-0.71%) Bitcoin: 56,204.93 (+2.87%) AI hedge fund Quantumrock’s flagship volatility strategy off to a winning start in Q1 (link) The Volatility Special Opportunities Program (VSOP) – a systematic equity tail…

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Quant Industry News Summary (14.04.2021)

April 14, 2021

Key market indices S&P 500: 4,141.59 (+0.33%) DJIA: 33,677.27 (-0.20%) HSI: 28,843.48 (+1.21%) STI: 3,183.06 (-0.15%) Gold Spot $/Oz: $ 1,755.21 (16.74) Brent Crude: 64.12 (+0.25%) Bitcoin: 63,276.76 (+4.38%) Chinese Hedge Fund Jumps 258% After Dumping Ray Dalio’s Strategy (Link) Shanghai Banxia Investment Management Center only manages about 500 million yuan ($76 million). When clients…

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Quant Industry News Summary (12.04.2021)

April 13, 2021

Key market indices S&P 500: 3768.26 -1.48% DJIA: 30814.27 -0.91% HSI: 28573.86 +2.50% STI: 3004.87 +0.39% Gold Spot $/Oz: 1827.64 -1.13% Brent Crude: 52.11 -0.94% Bitcoin: 35011.91 -8.28% Hedge funds enjoy biggest first-quarter gains in 20 years, as event driven and equity strategies fuel returns (Link) Hedge funds have gained more than 6% in the three-month…

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Quant Industry News Summary (07.04.2021)

April 7, 2021

 Key market indices S&P 500: 4,073.94 (-0.097%) DJIA: 33,430.24 (-0.29%) HSI: 28,938.74 (+1.97%) STI: 3,207.63 (-0.07%) Gold Spot $/Oz: $ 1,743.24 (+0.86%) Brent Crude: 62.74 (+0.0%) Bitcoin: 58,305.07 (-0.968%) Why the Archegos debacle is raising renewed fears of market excesses (link) This week’s Archegos upheaval – coupled with the still-unfolding Greensill debacle as well as potential…

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Quant Industry News Summary (05.04.2021)

April 5, 2021

Key market indices S&P 500: 4019.88 +1.14% DJIA: 33153.22 +0.24% HSI: 28938.74 +2.13% STI: 3181.68 +0.75% Gold Spot $/Oz: 61.25 +0.73% Brent Crude: 61.25 +0.73% Bitcoin: 57460.69 +3.04% Institutional investors add risk assets back into portfolios, says study (Link) A report by the International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds (IFSWF) and State Street found that investors have gradually deployed some of their accumulated…

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Quant Industry News Summary (31.03.2021)

March 31, 2021

Key Market Indices S&P 500: 3,958.55 (-0.32%) DJIA: 33,066.96 (-0.31%) HSI: 28,495.97 (-0.29%) STI: 3,186.15 (-0.15%) Gold Spot $/Oz: $ 1,686.09 (-32.34) Brent Crude: 64.29 (+0.23%) Bitcoin: 58,929.89 (+2.64%) Value Quants Take Wall Street by Storm With Best Run Since 2000 (link) “There’s still a huge opportunity for upside in value,” said the chief investment officer…

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Quant Industry News Summary (29.03.2021)

March 29, 2021

Key market indices S&P 500: 3974.55 +1.57% DJIA: 33072.89 +1.36% HSI: 28336.43 -2.26% STI: 3157.95 +0.75% Gold Spot $/Oz: 1730.90 -0.80% Brent Crude: 60.80 -1.02% Bitcoin: 55002.00 -4.15% Stocks rise; U.S. futures fall after block trades: markets wrap (Link) Most Asian stocks rose Monday after a record Wall Street close, while U.S. equity futures dipped as traders assessed a…

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Quant Industry News Summary (26.03.2021)

March 28, 2021

Key market indices S&P 500: 3909.52 +0.52% DJIA: 32619.48 +0.62% HSI: 27899.61 -0.07% STI: 3141.71 +0.27% Gold Spot $/Oz: 1725.91 -0.06% Brent Crude: 62.45 +1.04% Bitcoin: 52464.70 +0.11% Fear is everywhere in volatility market even as the VIX retreats (Link) The recent decline in the Wall Street fear gauge to pre-virus levels belies the “tension beneath the calm”…

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Quant Industry News Summary (24.03.2021)

March 24, 2021

Key Market Indices S&P 500: 3,910.52 (-0.76%) DJIA: 32,423.15 (-0.94%) HSI: 27,997.53 (-1.75%) STI: 3,127.91(-0.12%) Gold Spot $/Oz: $ 1,733.63 (-13.60) Brent Crude: 63.91 (-6.58%) Bitcoin: 54,738.57 (-0.76%) Lone Pine Veteran Eisenstein Starts Hedge Fund With $350 Million (link) Vetamer Capital Management, which launched in January, invests in public and private financial-technology companies, which include digital-commerce,…

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Our Core Values

Investment Process

Point Hope has a disciplined investment process that is the crystallisation of years of investment experience

Risk Management

Risk is our business: We apply a deep systematic approach to managing risk across every phase of investment

Investing Innovation

Finance is constantly evolving, and Point Hope invests heavily to be at the forefront of the investment industry

Value Creation

Implementing Functional, Improvement and Transformation methods to track the results of value creation initiatives

Leading Industry Talent

Point Hope only hires from the best institutions in finance, academia, and management consulting


We believe in uncompromising integrity and that a reputation that has taken years to build can be lost in one minute

Our Partners


Financial Institutions

We partner with sophisticated global allocators looking for  unique investments that are within our domain of expertise


High Net Worth Individuals

We work with HNWIs to set up their family office in Singapore and to make bespoke investments in the alternative investment universe



Corporates seeking to identify and execute on opportunities that aid in their expansion

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Annexe Fund VCC - Systematic Alpha
Moving your assets to Singapore
Family office setup in Singapore
Singapore Variable Capital Company (S-VCC)
Hong Kong Occupational Retirement Schemes (ORS)


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