Bespoke Family Office Solutions

A large scale migration of private capital is underway, triggered by the rapid economic growth in Asia and tightening European and American regulations. By many estimates Singapore has already overtaken Switzerland as the largest wealth management centre in the world.

Amidst ever-increasing volatility in the global economy, family offices demand bespoke solutions from their fund managers. The ultra-wealthy are concerned not just about navigating the uncertainty ahead but also the management of succession and inter-generational transfer of wealth.

As a proudly independently owned firm, our aim is always to achieve complete alignment of interest with family office clients and offer truly objective financial advice from our deep experience and expertise in investing. 

Many families also wish to establish a strong family legacy and build a reputation that will sustain for future generations. We offer investment solutions to help these families to achieve this.

Offerings include: 

  • Access to diverse investments and club deals
  • Setup of single or multiple family office
  • Trust registration and setup
  • Legacy planning
  • Foundational policy documents
  • Tax planning
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