Macroeconomics in Investing: Identifying Weak Economies

Currency attacks on weak economies have become more frequent. Even strengthening economies in Asia continue to experience currency attacks and devaluation after the economic reforms prescribed by the IMF during the Asian Financial Crisis.   Failure to understand currency attacks and devaluations can render an investment program completely ineffective. Recent Private Equity Investments in Asia…

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What It Takes To Be An Effective Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Today

From Number Cruncher to Value Driver In today’s ever-changing and increasingly disruptive business landscape, no one business can sustain in the long run by sticking to outdated practices. Roles of key company personnel such as a CFO also gets disrupted and changed as a result. Contrary to popular belief, the role of a CFO has…

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Our Thoughts On Chinese Family Offices & Clients from China

Chinese family office Singapore

China’s Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs) are still discovering what family offices are, and how they are used for wealth preservation. However, they are taking the effort seriously and exploring strategies for preservation that are uncoventional to their experience. China has experienced rapid economic and social development in the past 40 years since the…

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Key Takeaways on The Leveraged Buyout Private Equity Market in Asia

asia buyouts private equity singapore

Seven reasons why we are laser focused on the Buyouts market in Asia   1) Globally, Asia is the most attractive region with significant growth potential in the foreseeable future   The world’s economic centre of gravity has shifted back to Asia since its last peak in the 19th century. According to groundbreaking research by…

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What drives the allocation of capital in the private equity industry?

singapore investment

  In private equity, “the big get bigger” One firm’s analysis of fund raising in the private equity industry   Prior research on performance persistence in private equity indicates that it is rational for investors to assign more capital to general partners whose prior funds have performed well. But do limited partners follow this capital…

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