India Deep Tech Fund

Due to launch in early 2024, Point Hope's newest VC fund covers pre-Series A stage Deep Tech companies in South and Southeast Asia. Launched in collaboration with Keiretsu Forum ("K4"), the world's largest angel investor network, the new fund invests exclusively in follow-on rounds of the top angel investments made by the network's Chennai and Singapore chapters. The Fund chooses from the most promising of K4's portfolio companies and aims to invest in companies that are sufficiently de-risked by the due diligence and mentoring received by the angel investors of K4. 

DeepTech startups typically require longer incubation, and therefore several rounds of funding before they are ready for an institutional Series A round. While members of K4 Chennai are the natural choice for the first and second cheque for these DeepTech startups, deeper pockets are needed for the subsequent one or two more rounds of pre-Series A raise; this is the sweet spot that Point Hope is eyeing for the benefit of its Limited Partners.


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